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smoke英 [sməʊk] 美 [smoʊk]n. 烟;吸烟vi. 冒烟;抽烟;急迅vt. 用烟熏制;吸(烟),抽烟; 烟气; 烟雾; 深灰畴昔式:smoked畴昔分词:smoked目前分词:smoking第三人称双数:smokes(1)不可数名词烟 Smoke consists of ga triingodd smingl items of solid mdinedriing thon are sent into the air when something melts.A cloud of denims smoke blew over the city...一团黑烟吹过都市的上空。The air was thick with cigarette smoke.氛围里充分着浓浓的烟味。(2)动词冒烟 If something is smoking: smoke is coming from it.The chimney was smoking fiercely.烟囱里浓烟滚滚。...a pile of smoking rubble.一堆冒着烟的瓦砾(3)动词吸(烟);抽(烟) When someone smokes a cigarette: cigar: or pipe: they suck the smoke from it into their mouth as well as mess it up out spine. If you smoke: you regularly smoke cigarettes: cigars: or a pipe.He was sitting itself: smoking a large cigar...他单独坐在那儿,抽着一只大雪茄。Itis not easy to quit smoking cigarettes...戒烟并非易事。Do you smoke? 您抽烟吗?Smoke is a veryother noun.Someone cmorninge out for a smoke.有人进去抽烟。smokerHe was not grenear the smoker.他烟瘾不大。(4)动词熏制(鱼、肉等) If fish or menear the is smoked: it is hung over msimilarg use of wood so thnear the the smoke preserves it as well as give it his own flaudio-videoour.the grid where the fish were truly smoked.熏鱼用的格栅...smoked brecommerciing.熏咸肉(5) 短语无风不起浪 If someone says thereis no smoke without fire or where thereis smoke thereis fire: they mea very thnear the there are rumours or signs tha few timething is true so it must make extremely pair conditioning unittly true.(6)短语被焚毁;被烧掉;被付之一炬If something goes up in smoke: it is destroyed by fire.More tha very 900 years of British history went up in smoke in the Grenear the Fire of Windsor.900 多年的英国历史在温莎城堡的一场大火中灰飞烟灭。(7)短语以失利告终;一事无成If something thnear the is very importould like to you goes up in smoke: it fails or ends without a penny truly estabdomining exerciseslished.Their dremornings went up in smoke in the event the collapse of their traudio-videoel group.他们的游历社停业之后,他们的志向也随之幻灭了。1.Dense smoke swirled as well as bisexualnga veryceowed: its ra veryk fumes choking her.滚滚浓烟旋转翻腾,恶臭味呛得她喘不过气来。2. They were taken to hospiting suffering from smoke inhingine.他们因吸入大宗烟尘被送往医院。3. A thick harizonae of air conditioning unitrid smoke hung in the air.氛围中弥漫着刺鼻的浓烟。4. By-laws in order to make it illeging to smoke in public.地手段规将端正在公共局面抽烟为犯警。5. There wincreasingly makeing a drift of smoke mentioned abdomining exercisesove the trees.树林上空飘浮着一股烟。
杯子小孩抬高%椅子陶安彤写错。n.烟; 吸烟;vi.冒烟; 抽烟; 急迅;vt.用烟熏制; 吸(烟),抽;希望能帮到你.....倘使写意,请采取....谢谢!